Top 16 Dumbbell Exercises To Be Performed At Home

Top 16 Dumbbell Exercises To Be Performed At Home

1. Seated Row:

Sit or stand tall with your shoulders back, holding a straight Set Of Dumbbells in both hands for balance and at the thighs' sides. Keep abs tight throughout the exercise; don't swing weights up like a pendulum! Pinch scapula down to lift into the middle of the chest and then contract biceps as you pull arms behind head toward highest point possible – which is usually tucked under chin and head – keeping neutral spine throughout. Pause, lower back to the starting position, and repeat for the desired number of reps or sets.

2. Lying Chest Press: 

Lie facedown with arms extended overhead (hands shoulder-width apart). Press dumbbells straight up so palms face each other at nipple level; keep abs tight throughout the exercise. Do not lift off from elbows during bench press! Keep feet flat on the floor or ankle weights on for stability. Pinch scapula down and into the middle of the chest as you lower dumbbells to shoulder level, then press weight over head—palms face each other throughout the exercise.

3. Deadlift:

Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms at sides. Bend knees and slowly lift the weight off the floor, keeping shins vertical. Reverse the motion and lower weight to starting position while maintaining an upright posture, without dipping or pulling weight off the floor. Next, push your hips back slightly and reach your knees up towards the ceiling before returning to starting position for the next repetition.

4. Bench Press:

Sitting on a bench with legs extended through toes so that body is about six inches lower than upper-chest height (sit tall!). Press straight overhead until chest touches pad; rest arms alongside shoulders if necessary. Tuck top shoulder blades down by sides as contraction occurs to help lift. Hips should not rise off of the bench during the exercise; keep them planted firmly on top so that your whole body does not move.

5. Bent-Over Row:

Stand with feet shoulder width apart in front of a pullup bar (or use dumbbells or kettlebells by placing a vertical handle between legs). Bend at the waist and sink into a slight squat position while bending elbows 90 degrees to the torso. Keep abs tight and raise the weight over head; keep hips level the entire lift. Once the torso is upright, row dumbbells up to the side of the chest (palms facing each other), lowering under control and squeezing shoulder blades together until arms are nearly fully extended. Move into the next repetition by extending elbows outward instead of overhead as you pull the weight back down to the start position – so that the upper arm moves in front of the midline body before one reaches starting position for the next set!

6. Overhead Squat:

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing forward. With back straight and core engaged, squat down until thighs parallel the floor. Rise back up to a standing position while maintaining a vertical spine and keeping thighs parallel to the floor. As the body moves forward, squeeze glutes hard and hold at the top of movement; hips should not rise "scoop" any further than 90 degrees! Forty-five seconds between sets +10 reps.

7. Military Press:

Stand with feet hip width apart; arms extended straight up overhead. Keeping weight equally distributed between both hands, press dumbbells directly over head to shoulder height without moving elbows out to sides or front. Press until shoulders reach full extension and repeat—45 seconds between each set.

8. Bench Press:  

Do not perform incline or decline bench (perform only flat-bench variations for now). Stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes pointing out at 45 degrees. Start the movement by first driving hips backward into a semi-squat position and then "driving" knees forward to the upper chest, creating a slight bend in elbows as weight is driven overhead - don't completely lock them out! At the "top" of movement (~chest height), don't worry about locking elbows out or fully touching the bar with your upper arms; this is not what you're looking for at first. Pull the weight down so that it's in line with the middle finger of the supporting hand. Then start pressing position upward without hyperextending elbow joint into final overhead lockout 30 seconds between each set (but this will also be harder on knees/low back than it sounds if you're doing the deep squat variation.

9. Dumbbell Shoulder Presses:

Stand with feet hip width apart, holding a weight in each hand. Bend your elbows and lower the weights until they are close to your shoulders. Press straight upward using your shoulder muscles to lift the weights above your head. 45 seconds between sets.

10. Dumbbell Pull-Over:

Sit with feet hip width apart; toes pointed out at 45 degrees down. Maintain a slight bend in your elbows to allow weights to pass between your legs, and then bring them back toward you by extending your elbows overhead as far as possible without pulling weight over the head! During execution, do not allow arm pits/lower chest muscles to touch the bar. Dumbbell pullovers are an excellent way to get the glutes firing while contracting both the rectus abdomen and external obliques muscles.

11. Weighted Dips:

Lie face down on a bench with a barbell over your chest - hold a weight in each hand and lower the weights toward your hips by bending at elbows until they are shoulder height. You should be about 2 inches off of the ground (making sure not to allow your body to sag). Continue lowering the dumbbells until they're just below parallel, then return them up without making contact with the floor first 45 seconds between sets.

12. Close Grip Bench Press:

Sit on the bench with feet flat on the floor and gripped with palms close to each other. Press the barbell from the shoulder until it is nipple level, then lower the weight back down to the starting position. This exercise targets the pectoralis major muscle and will help you increase your upper body strength! 45 seconds between sets.

13. Barbell Bent Over Row: 

This is very similar to the other lifts. However, you will lift the weight in front of your body this time instead of overhead. Resting it on a bench or hanging from a pullup bar by holding onto handles with elbows just below shoulder height for 45 seconds between sets. This exercise should be done in an explosive motion and performed as fast as possible and very controlled.

14. Close Grip Bench Press: 

It is an excellent way to strengthen your chest muscles (pectoralis major) while helping to improve posture (abduction of arms – emphasizing pulling shoulder muscle). The barbell should be lifted off the ground by squeezing the bar with an overhand grip and pushing it up vertically into the air, then slowly lowering it back down by squeezing the chest muscles. Hold this position for 1 second and repeat in a slow motion while paying attention to proper form! 15 seconds between sets.

15. Barbell Bent Over Row: 

This exercise should also be performed explosively with twisting movement (powerful shoulder and taking off balance pull body weight upwards), but at the tip of- the of-triceps (not above – your head) for 45 seconds between sets.

16.Barbell Incline Press: 

It's a fantastic upper body exercise that focuses on developing massive pectoral muscles and thus lifting heavy weights. A great benefit is that you can potentially lift much more weight than would be possible for non-elite athletes, so it is a good way of building strength in failing shoulders or injured tendons! Keep an incline bench at a 15 – 30-degree angle and lift the barbell in an overhead position keeping arms straight (elbows pointing up vertically) at the uppermost extremity of the shoulder for 71 seconds between sets; if done poorly, it should be avoided.