Why are dumbbells so expensive?

Why are dumbbells so expensive?

Virtual workouts and at-home gymnasiums are getting popular lately, and people are purchasing exercise gear, right, and left-encompassing dumbbells. If you are among those people who exercise at their house, you might know that dumbbells can be pretty costly; a question that might have come to your mind is why dumbbells are so costly. This blog tries to answer this question by discussing the reasons behind the high prices of dumbbells. Dumbbells are costly as consumers are interested in buying high-quality dumbbells composed of rubber and cast iron.

These dumbbells are more expensive to sell and manufacture. Therefore manufacturers sell dumbbells at high prices. This blog discusses the reasons behind the high prices of dumbbells below.

1. Shipping costs

One of the primary reasons behind the high costs of dumbbells is shipping. Shipping costs are related to weight. The weighty a package is, the more costly it would be to deliver. This is because the delivery of weightier products needs more fuel. They weigh a delivery automobile down, making it drag on the road instead of gliding over it. Therefore, the automobile needs to make a greater effort to push itself forward. That requires gas. The farther people are from the distribution center from which the dumbbell delivers; the more costly the delivery will be. Even if the parcel is loaded into another automobile, they will utilize the same amount of gasoline between them to deliver it to people. Weighty packages also put more tear and wear on the delivery automobile. This leads to the depreciation of the automobile, which further adds to the shipping cost. 


2. Consumers prefer rubber and cast-iron dumbbells

Dumbbells can be composed of cast iron, plastic, and rubber. Depending on the particular composition of the dumbbells, these substances can make dumbbells costly or cheaper. Usually, fitness enthusiasts and professionals advise people not to use plastic dumbbells as their weight is evenly not distributed because of sand shifting. This tells us that more people are purchasing cast iron and rubber dumbbells, as while these dumbbells can be more costly, they are more effective and sturdy. So with a rise in the demand for cast iron and rubber, the prices of these dumbbells will naturally increase accordingly.


3. Dumbbells must be of high-quality

 More and more customers are making themselves aware of using and purchasing dumbbells, and many are emphasizing the significance of high-quality dumbbells. After all, high-quality dumbbells survive for a longer period and are safer to utilize technically. Therefore people should buy high-quality dumbbells from NBRfitness at the best prices. Further, people will not need to be anxious about dumbbells damaging while being used and damaging or hurting their house. Nevertheless, manufacturing higher-quality dumbbells require more costly labor and materials. Thus, manufacturers have to sell high-quality dumbbells at higher prices.


4. Dumbbells are offered in pairs

Whether the dumbbells are composed of cast iron, rubber, or plastic, people would find that manufacturers sell a vast majority of dumbbells in pairs. After all, exercising takes longer when people have a single dumbbell, leading to uneven muscle build-up for their arms. In addition, selling pairs of dumbbells seems more attractive to customers, particularly those building a selection for their homes or commercial gymnasiums. Thus, since people are paying for two commodities, dumbbells are inclined to be costly.


5. Dumbbells come in various designs 

Exercising is so much better when people like how their exercise gear seems, and dumbbell manufacturers know this. Thus, they sell dumbbells in numerous designs. Further, a rapid peek into the dumbbell market will tell you that dumbbells come in different markings, colors, and shapes that various people find attractive. Also, dumbbells that don’t come in traditional designs and colors are in greater demand and are often composed of special substances. Consequently, these things make dumbbells more costly.


6. Import fees are rising 

There are many global brands that are delivering their dumbbells throughout the world. Nevertheless, after these dumbbells enter another country, governments charge tariffs on them. Also, tariffs could be extravagant or mild, depending on where they live. Irrespective of this and other charges, imported commodities can significantly add to the selling price of the dumbbells.


7. More people are exercising at home

The coronavirus closed commercial gymnasiums indefinitely in 2020, compelling people to begin exercising at home. Up till now, virtual workouts and home gymnasiums are yet a trend. Also, a component of this trend is purchasing gymnasium equipment such as dumbbells, which added to the cost of dumbbells in times when supplies were yet limited. So, with more gymnasiums being established since 2020, dumbbell manufacturers are witnessing a continuous increase in demand for dumbbells, making them more costly.


8. Brand name influences the prices of dumbbells

Weight loss and fitness is a billion-dollar sector; no wonder huge brands are involved in manufacturing high-quality exercise gear, and dumbbells are only some of them. Naturally, branding plays a huge role in determining the dumbbells’ selling price as consumers assess commodities by viewing them once on the basis of their brand. Moreover, specific brands provide better perks and longer warranties, thus making these brands more attractive to consumers. Overall, when you purchase dumbbells from well-reputed brands, you can anticipate that the dumbbells will be more costly.


9. Purchasing dumbbells is an investment done for the long-term

Dumbbells are sturdy and will usually take years to begin suffering from wear and tear. Thus, consumers are not likely to buy the same type of dumbbells for the upcoming thirty-six to sixty months or even longer. That stated, this lengthy gap between every purchase makes it tough for manufacturers to sell dumbbells. Therefore, manufacturers need to make dumbbells costly for selling them.


10. Resellers of dumbbells charge high markups

Resellers earn money by purchasing commodities from makers and charging markups that are much higher than the commodity’s original price, which is also applicable to dumbbells. Besides, resellers often buy dumbbells in bulk so that other sellers do not have enough dumbbells to sell. Whenever customers find the resellers, they do not have any other option instead of purchasing dumbbells at the asking price of the reseller, making them more costly.