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Tianjin Nebo Rui Sports Goods Co. LTD is the leading Hexagon Dumbbells Exporter that is famous worldwide for providing the finest quality hexagonal dumbbells that are not only good for their unique shape and design but are also very durable as our products are appreciated for their features like easy-to-use unique design and shape, and the availability of sizes and colors. Additionally, like all of our products, we offer a quality of these hexagonal dumbbells that speaks for itself. These dumbbells are made from premium quality materials. We offer these dumbbells at wholesale rates and unbeatable prices. We aim to deliver these products to your doorstep with complete responsibility and care. We are ensuring a happy shopping experience.

Outstanding Quality

NBR Finesses’ hexagonal dumbbells are the finest quality dumbbells that one could offer in the industry of sports goods and equipment. Being extra durable and having a good shape prevents slipping away when kept on the floor, making it even more unique. These hexagonal dumbbells are gone through various steps that ensure the quality of the products that are being delivered. To ensure that the quality is not compromised during any action, we have a team specially trained to ensure that the product is according to international standards. Our team of skilled experts goes thoroughly through every step to ensure that it is up to the mark.

Wholesale Prices

Price is an essential factor that should be noted while making a purchase. The money that we charge is a commitment to the customers. Knowing the importance of our commitment to our customers and knowing the worth of money that our customers invest in our products; we ensure to provide an unbeatable match of prices compared to the rest of the market. Although we provide the cheapest rates, our quality is never compromised. We are known worldwide for the most affordable wholesale rates and pocket-friendly prices that we offer for these brilliant quality dumbbells that are a fantastic option to invest in.

Variety Of Colors And Sizes


Our top-quality dumbbells at a fantastic price also offer a variety of attractive colors and variable sizes. Being the top seller of these dumbbells, we provide a variety for our customers who can select from these unique shaped dumbbells according to their needs and requirements—ensuring a great shopping experience for our customers.