Hexagon Shape Dumbbell, Plastic Coated Dumbbell

Hexagon Shape Dumbbell, Plastic Coated Dumbbell

Item No.: W02306

Weight: 2.5kg,5.0kg,7.5kg,10kg

OEM/ODM: Acceptable



Item No: W02306

OEM/ODM: Acceptable
Color: Color or customized Origin: China
Weight: 2.5kg,5.0kg,7.5kg,10kg or Customized  Logo: Customized Logo Available
Material: Cast Iron + Cement/sand+PVC shell Type: Strength/Weight Training
Feature: Hexagon Shaped Package Dimensions : Customized



■   HEX-SHAPED DESIGN: The hex-shape dumbbell is great for preventing rolling and providing easy and convenient storage.

■   ANTI-SKID HANDLE: The convex handlebar provides stronger traction & grip control between palm and handle. 

■   VERSATILE: Suitable for stength exercises, core training, bodybuilding and all other general exercises at home.

■   MUSCLE BUILDING: Tone up and strengthen your biceps, triceps, quads, glutes, buttocks, abs, legs, backs, etc.

■   BODY SHAPING: Keep you in perfect shape in an effective and effiecient way to burn fat and improve strength.